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~Friends only~

Leave me a cookie and become my duckie. <3

WARNING!! This journal contains...
...Fangirling and rambling over various series and issues, &Whatever fandom-related things I happen to come up with overall.
...Potential bad engrish, it be my first language not. Also, CAPS LOCK.
...RL stuff. But I'll try to make it convenient for you and at least put the larger ranting posts behind cuts so you may skip them easily. <3

If you're fine with all of the above, feel free to add me :D But be sure to comment here after doing so, with a lil' bit of info from where I know you from/who you are so that I won't be left paranoid about you being my mom.

(Comments be screened for my convenience)

Dec. 24th, 2010

Happy holidays, flist~
Why yes, I'm sacrificing my great 3-month record of NOT updating my journal just to wish you that. XD

I'm at my parent's place currently. Not my favorite place to hang out usually, but eh. It's Christmas, and there's free food, and even though it kinda sucks having to pretend that FUGLY mug I got is the BEST THING EVER, I guess this sort of stuff is nice every once in a while. (Still lucky it's only once an year, though XD The last minute-present buying stress was sort of insane, like it's always with me.)

And I got PRESSIES~ &hearts:
-THE mug.
-Another mug, much more aesthetically pleasing, my brother's girlfriend. <3
-a CATACLYSM SURVIVAL KIT from my brother! Even the "Merry Christmas"-tag was crossed out and replaced with "Lok'tar, sister of the Horde!", and the box had a huge silver "DEATHWING IS COMING, BE PREPARED!!! (actually he already came but whatever)" written on it. XDD <3 I laughed, and if you didn't, feel free to talk to me about your free World of Warcraft trial. &hearts
(the survival kit was actually just a vacuum jug...)
-socks. The store-bought kind. actually kind of needed these :o
-chocolate from grandma
-an old cookbook. I say old, because I saw it in my parent's bookshelf before and they even admitted it when I asked XD At least it'll finally see some use...
-MONEYS. &hearts they'll be going towards my flight tickets to Japan next spring. 8)

Overall I think I've been a good girl. :3
Even though I'll have to "accidentally break" that mug. At least it's not a sweater like last year, that one was harder to dispose of. z.z
I must be signing off for now. My parent's internet likes to cut off itself every three minutes, and I wouldn't want to strain it too much. Just hope everyone is having a great time, wherever you are! ^^


Anyone who friended this journal with their adstringendum RP one? Please remove me from your lists. ^^'' Just accidentally added everyone in-game attempting to update my flist, forgetting I'm on my personal journal and not the RP one. xD;;; So. ...yeah.
Sorry for the fail. /dies

(That is all. xD
A real update coming to a journal near you possibly this year.)

Doujin scanlation

Might as well post this here also...
Spread the HxH love <3

Shounen wa tenshi wo korosu

Series: Hunter X Hunter
Title: Shounen wa tenshi wo korosu (Boy kills an angel)
Circle: R II system & Special cat
Scanlator: Scanned, translated and edited by me (sachilla)
Genre: humor
Rating: teen
Pairings: Kurapica/Gon, implied Leorio/Kurapica, Killua/Gon
Pages: 38 (including covers)
Download link:
I got this electricity bill I can't cover, so I went through my doujinshi pile to find some stuff to sell... I wanted to ask if anyone on my f-list is interested in any of these (before dumping them off at huuto.net or ebay)

Quick pic of the goods and some infoCollapse )
Wow, things have been slow as of late. Still didn't get that new place and pretty much all I have to do during the day is play videogames (+The sims 2<3)

I had a dream last night where constancy was somehow on the same class as me... The teacher was lecturing about some new bio-chemical weapons (?) when I mentioned that I got a shiny collector's card with my jap copy of Tales of Phantasia... Then she started squealing so hard that the teacher shut up and let down the big plastic screen thing (you know, the one they use for showing things on big screen). A PlayStation magically appeared out of nowhere and we started playing the game, while the whole class cheered for us!
...When I woke up I burst out laughing. XD I mean, what the hell, it'd be awesome if that could happen during real classes...

ps. I think I just seriously got into making AMV's... there's no going back anymore. Killua-ness:

(Lyrics be in the youtube video description. I thought they fit amazingly well.)

hunterxhunter clips + Sachi at 4am = ????

This night I discovered I have Windows movie maker on my comp.

(Why yes I am easily amused, why do you ask?)
Now... *goes to sleep*


The mass of entries from people I don't really even know on my f-page was getting unconvetional, so I think it's think for another friends cut.
The reason for removing the people I did is simply that they felt more like strangers than friends to me... Though I do know that it might be hard to stay close to me thorugh livejournal only, since I haven't been on this site much lately. :/ (hint: add me on MSN, sachi_desu@hotmail.com ?)
If you were cut against your will, plase comment here and you WILL be added back!
No hard feelings to anyone :)

Nov. 20th, 2006

Stuff to do:

♥ Clean my room
♥ Feed the birds
♥ Kill every single religious leader that's responsible for the stabbings of gay people that have been taking place in Israel

Mmkay, better go to sleep now, I've got a busy day tomorrow. After doing all that stuff I still have to find some time to play Disgaea 2, which has very much become my new life. <3 Seeya.